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in english language for school children  


the art-effusions global,a movement that has been in the field of socio-cultural 'n' arts in kerala for the last thirteen years. now, It provides an opportunity for school children in india in english medium who have got aptitude in drawing 'n' painting to study fine arts - painting to pursue their aptitude in fine arts painting to reach it's acme @ our interactive online course.

​many people think that images or motifs in a painting should be as a scene that fall on a mirror facing to nature. That is, it was born with the advent of photography. Also, many more Photocopying (photo realism)artists have attributed that copying a photograph onto a paper piece or canvas are paintings

However, we do not have the opportunity to identify what painting is.

Painting is a visual art that occupies a prominent place in the fine arts. Each image is a sensory surface that evokes in the viewer a variety of impressions, expressions, visuals, combinations of contours, colors, planes, levels and perspectives ....

An image, each with different sensory capacity, color perception, expressions, and emotional levels is experienced.

The image is not to be understood or enjoyed but to be experienced.

one must have a sincere mind and free from preconceived notion in order for that experience to take place in him or her. a picture manages to entertain as well as inform, leaving behind the perceived sensitivity of color perception. When paintings are created, the artist is unknowingly leading to a visual and ideological awareness of objective realities.

Thus a work of art becomes a retelling or circumcision of life, a reasonable infusion of experiences, experiences. But vision is not based on a person's depth of knowledge,

Rather, it turns out to be a re-examination of the reader's self-awareness of his surroundings ....


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