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 we celebrate world art day 2020 with an international exhibition of creative painting named ISPIRAZIONE a global exposition de peintures creatives for the creative painters worldwide.

art-effusions global celebrates world art day with an exposition of paintings executed by global painters from different nations .it’s the coterie of renowned 'n' emerging 36 painters from abroad to showcase their creativities on virtual gallerie of art-effusions global. which has transversed a voyage from realistic 'n' figurative to formless 'n' amorphous. irrespective of woman artists, the themes 'n' ideas ranging from anthropological to individualistic from sensual 'n' corporal to abstract. the diversity of this extravagant collection render in the artistic vantage point escalates from themselves or even as the onlooker subverting their personal into societal perspectives. these paintings are nestled between reality and dreams attempting to create a realistic interpretation of the subject matter focuses on revealing the expressive elements of light, texture, and hues. the use of color configurations and the art of transforming curvilinear forms to create varied motifs; an exploration of the unlimited potentiality of chromatic and tonal scales, visual planes to make this exposition meaningful.

world art day is decided in honour of the birthday of versatile genius leonardo da vici. who has been chosen as a symbol of world peace, freedom of expression, tolerance, brotherhood and multiculturalism as well as art's importance to other fields


art curator

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