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 here are the oeuvres of Indian painter n.g.jhonzsonn,which are on international exposition at the arena of global art, named SOLILOQUY-2020. 

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It is a great honour to inaugurate this online international exposition of paintings SOLILOQUY-2020, which's being opened myself to the world of art. n.g.jhonzsonn is my indian amigo. who explores himself by depicting his dreams 'n' agonies of inner core  and here are few oeuvres depicted with new motifs with improvised hues on vibrant palettes and wielded brushes where colours had been run wild to make a riot on canvases. these paintings are nestled between reality and dreams attempting to create a realistic interpretation of the subject matter focuses on revealing the expressive elements of light, texture, and hues. the use of color configurations and the art of transforming curvilinear forms to create varied motifs; an exploration of the unlimited potentiality of chromatic and tonal scales, visual planes to make this exposition meaningful.   

my greetings and many thanks for inviting me to the virtual inaugural ceremony of this online exhibition, I am obliged to the creative painter mr. n.g. jhonzsonn,for this opportunity to inaugurate this global exposition of art.  I appreciate the curator leonardo lilly jhonzsonn and managing director vazhayil who organized  this unique exhibition a visual feast to the art lovers and connoisseurs in the world.  I was honored here in india, where I have done an art exhibition at pune in maharashtra state cople of years ago. thank you all.  

mária hanušovská,  Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, abstract expressionist

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n.g.jhonzsonn..born on 28th may 1961 at amravati, bhirar district of maharashtra, india. he spent childhood there and done schooling at native place chalissery, palakkad district, kerala state of india. who did his degree in commerce and triple diploma in fine arts -painting 'n' higher grade certificate in sculpture. 

painter by career and participated in various ateliers in kerala. his oeuvres exhibited in many pinacothecas in kerala and in international expositions on several online galleries since 2006. art instructor by profession over 35 many schools and art institutions in kerala 'n' tamil nadu. creative art allows him to explore intuitive intelligence and the expansion of pursuing creativity as improvesational way.

he's a versatile trainer, and engages training on the following spheres: organ donation, parenting, appreciation of art, practicing home schooling, adolescent reproductive 'n' sexual health, HIV-AIDS anti-stigma 'n' taboo, motivational talk, anti-drug abuse, women empowerment, adolescent 'n' family counselling, painting workshop, painting therapy for differently-abled children, coaching classes on aptitude 'n' creative ability test for BFA, BDes, MDes, NIFT 'n' NATA .

moreover, he's involved in the well being of HIV infected people, forlorn elderly people, children in distress, and people with organ failure in the society..

I express my vote of thanks from bottom of my heart to our international chief guest- Slovakian paintress, Mr. Maria Hanuzovska,who blessed with her virtual presence.

lilly vazhayil   managing director, art-effusions global 


 oeuvres @ art-effusions global art gallery 


 felicitations from international  guests   


many of us thinks that images or motifs in a painting should be as a scene that falls on a mirror facing to nature. That is, it was born with the advent of photography.but, Painting is a visual art that occupies a prominent place in the fine arts. Each image is a sensory surface that evokes in the viewer a variety of shapes, expressions, visuals, combinations of lines, colors, planes, levels and perspectives ....

An image, each with different sensory capacity, color perception, expressions, and emotional levels is experienced. The image is not to be understood or enjoyed but to be experienced. one must have a sincere mind and a preconceived notion in order for that experience to take place in him/her. The painting manages to entertain as well as inform, leaving behind the perceived sensitivity of color perception. When paintings are created, the artist is unknowingly leading to a visual and ideological awareness of objective realities.

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Thus a work of art becomes a retelling or circumcision of life, a reasonable infusion of experiences. But vision is not based on a person's depth of knowledge,

Rather, it turns out to be a re-examination of the spectator's self-awareness of his/her surroundings.

I am grateful to the chief guest ms.mária hanušovská, and all other international artist who felicitated in this arena of opening ceremony.

and thankful to the all personalities for being here to experience the selected 30 paintings of n.g.jhonzsonn has been done within 25 years...  

leonardo lilly jhonzsonn

curator ​ 

+ 91 8304844183 (whatsapp)

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