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It’s an exclusive oeuvre of Indian painter n.g.jhonzsonn, a pro feminist 'n women empowerment trainer who's been obsessed with the gender based social discrimination 'n' male dominant torturing in our society globally. most of his works are the reflections of these issues. those works are dedicated 32 paintings to the international day to elimination of violence against women. it's named FEMINEITY a solitary exposition of oeuvre with the themes related to the atrocities experienced by womenfolk in the male chauvinistic societies... 


whose frames redefines the emphasis from the direct representation of nature to the world of the imagination. Instead of describing something with precise, realistic detail or statingfacts they used. his personal metaphors and symbols, abstracts have been evoking a meaning or feeling instead.  it's the way of the painting may be classified as symbolism offering an antidote, not only to scientific uncertainties, but to the materialism of industrial 'n' technological world.



  lilly vahayil


managing director


womenfolk in distress

gouache on chart paper, oct 2022

hooked to slavery

watercolour on paper 109 x 70 cm sept - 2021

obsessional suicide

watercolour on paper 70 X 56 cm 2014

abused killings

acrylic on stretched canvas 121 x 91 cm 2020

dogmatized helplessness

watercolour on paper 109 x 70 cm september 2021

ethnic atrocities

acrylic on stretched canvas 121 x 91 cm april - 2021

exploited cadaver

acrylic on canvas board 2012

hidden psyche

acrylic on stretched canvas 60 x 60 cm 2020

Inertiatic frigidity

watercolour on chart paper, june, 2022

mutilated souls

oil pastels on paper 98 X 83 cm jan - 2021

nailed to roomscape wall

acrylic on stretched canvas 44 x 33 cm 2011

surrendering without psyche

oil on stretched canvas 2006

domestic slavery

watercolour on paper 109 x 70 cm may - 2021

non psyche physiques

oil colour on canvas painting - knife work 1998

domestic torturing

watercolour on paper 109 x 70 cm 2021

entangled family life in covid

acrylic on stretched canvas 121 x 91 cm

ritualistic torturing

watercolour on paper 109 x 70 cm july- 2021

incest of primogenitor

oil colour on canvas 2006

sensual torsos

oil on canvas 60 x 44 cm 1997

struggles of adolescence

oil colour on stretched canvas 1997

fossilized womanhood
crushed in calamity

acrylic on stretched canvas 121 x 91 cm 2021


tempera on wide canvas 15 x 4 foot 2007

footprints of womanhood

watercolour on paper

glorified loneliness

acrylic on canvas painting-knife work 44 x 33 cm 2011


acrylic on stretched canvas 121 x 91 cm

victimized scapegoat

acrylic on stretched canvas 121 x 91 cm

angel on earth

oil on canvas painting-knife work 1996

necrophilia beyond instinct
mum 'n' suckling

oil on stretched canvas 1995

victimization for elation

watercolour on paper 109 x 70 cm

womanhood in hiroshima

acrylic on stretched canvas 121 x 91 cm

Women's rights activists have observed 25 November as a day against gender-based violence since 1981. This date was selected to honour the Mirabal sisters, three political activists from the Dominican Republic who were brutally murdered in 1960 by order of the country’s ruler, Rafael Trujillo (1930-1961).

On 20 December 1993, the General Assembly adopts the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women through resolution 48/104, paving the path towards eradicating violence against women and girls worldwide.

Finally, on 7 February 2000, the General Assembly adopts resolution 54/134, officially designating 25 November as the International day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and in doing so, inviting governments, international organizations as well as NGOs to join together and organize activities designed to raise public awareness of the issue every year on that date.

Under the global umbrella theme of the 2022 UNiTE Campaign: “UNiTE! Activism to End Violence against Women & Girls”, the event will shine a spotlight on the powerful role of women’s rights movements in preventing and eliminating violence against women and girls; mobilize more people to support efforts in ending violence against women and girls and to push back against the rollback on women’s rights

 missive of painter

many people think that images or motifs in a painting should be as a scene that falls on a mirror facing to nature 'n' surrondings. That is, it was born with the advent of photography. but, Painting is a visual art that occupies a prominent place in the fine arts. Each image is a sensory surface that evokes in the viewer a variety of shapes, expressions, visuals, combinations of lines, colors, motifs, planes, levels, parallax and perspectives ....

An image, each with different sensory capacity, color perception, expressions, and emotional levels is experienced. The image is not to be understood or enjoyed but to be experienced. one must have a sincere mind and never be a preconceived notion in order for that experience to take place in him/her. The painting manages to entertain as well as inform, leaving behind the perceived sensitivity of color perception. When paintings are created, the artist is unknowingly leading to a visual and ideological awareness of objective realities.


Thus a work of art becomes a retelling or exemplification of life, a reasonable infusion of experiences. But a vision is not based on a person's depth of knowledge, Rather, it turns out to be a re-examination of the spectator's self-awareness of his/her surroundings.

I am grateful to the all personalities for being here to experience the selected 32 paintings, those have been done within 25 years...  

moreover I invite you all to the international exhibition of paintings named LA FEMINITE which curated in march 2022 in connection with INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY celebrations of ARTEFFUSIONS GLOBAL,it’s the coterie of renowned 'n' emerging 80 paintresses from 45 nations to showcase their creativities  @



+ 91 8304844183 (whatsapp)

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