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 painter - trainer - social worker


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n.g.jhonzsonn, born on 28th may 1961 at amravati, bhirar district of maharashtra, india. he spent childhood there and done schooling at native place chalissery, in palakkad district, kerala state of india. who did his degree in commerce and triple diploma in fine arts -painting 'n' a higher grade certificate in sculpture.  a painter by career and participated in various ateliers in kerala.
his oeuvres exhibited in many pinacothecas in kerala. international expositions has been on several online galleries since 2006. art instructor by profession over 34 yrs. at many schools and art institutions in kerala 'n' tamil nadu. creative art allows him to explore intutive intelligence and the expansion of pursuing creativity as improvisational way.

here are the few oeuvres of Indian painter n.g.jhonzsonn, whose art redefines the emphasis from the direct representation of nature to the world of the imagination. Instead of describing something with precise, realistic detail or stating facts they used personal metaphors and symbols, abstracts evoking a meaning or feeling instead.  it's the way of the painting may be classified as Symbolism offering an antidote, not only to scientific uncertainties, but to the materialism of industrial 'n' technological world.

It rejected reality, offering an escape into the world of dreams and visions, spiritualism and mythology. his oeuvres are depicted in both abstract 'n' figurative versions with the creative 'n' intellectual ideologies depending on the notion 'n' improvisational mood 'n' vigour 

he's a versatile trainer,  engages training on the following spheres: organ donation, parenting, appreciation of art, practicing home schooling,  adolescent reproductive 'n' sexual health, HIV-AIDS anti-stigma 'n' taboo, motivational talk, anti-drug abuse, women empowerment, adolescent 'n' family counselling, painting workshop, painting therapy for differently-abled children, coaching classes on aptitude 'n' creative ability test for BFA, BDes, MDes, NIFT 'n' NATA . 

moreover, he's involved in the well being of HIV infected people, forlorn elderly people, children in distress, and people with organ failure in the society..  

 resume of n.g.jhonzsonn @ pdf

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